International Cooperation

School of Information Science & Technology (SIST) attaches great importance to internationalization by setting a department of internationalization, building a working group of internationalization, and formulating administrative methods and incentive measures. And with the common efforts of the whole school, the internationalization of SIST has been always at the forefront of the university.


Over the years, SIST has forged partnership with key universities, research institutions and enterprises in other countries and regions so as to promote exchanges and cooperation, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Turkey, Belgium, South Korea, Japan, Hongkong and Taiwan. Supported by programs, such as the Program of Introducing Talents of Discipline to Universities (known as the 111 Project), SIST has attracted new international partners to solve the key and difficult problems, and promote the internationalization of the school.


SIST has committed to building internationalized teaching faculty. Among its teaching faculty, 12 of them hold overseas PhD degree, 7 of them have international postdoctoral experiences, 12 of them have at least one year’s overseas work experiences, and 40 of them have the experience of overseas visit study for more than half a year. The international activity of teachers in the school has been enhanced year by year. Teachers are vigorous in writing articles to be published in international journals. Over the past years, the teachers have issued 257 academic articles listed in the Science Citation Index (SCI). SIST is capable of hosting (or undertaking) international conferences for several times each year and inviting specialists and scholars of high-level both at home and abroad to visit the school and give academic lectures on an average of 50 times a year.


SIST has conducted active exploration and beneficial attempts in the cultivation mode of the overseas students. It takes lead in enrolling international postgraduate and has achieved excellent results, including the first overseas graduate with PhD in Southwest Jiaotong University and the first overseas student received the Award for the Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Sichuan Province. Currently, the school has 13 overseas undergraduates, 20 foreign postgraduates and hundreds of international students participating in short-term programs.


In recent years, with the support of the China Scholarship Council, SIST has cultivated 36 registered PhD students in joint cultivation programs within and without the borders; sent 32 students studying in other universities in cooperation with universities of France, Group T in Leuven, Belgium, University of Ottawa, Canada, and I-Shou University, Taiwan; and organized hundreds of students to go abroad for international conferences, summer camps and competitions. These programs have broadened students’ international vision and boosted their academic competence.


Since its launch of internationalization strategy, SIST has been planning and promoting innovation, which has raised its standard of internationalization and increased its global influence, attractiveness and competence in all aspects.


Professor Fan Pingzhi met DesMcLernon from the British Leeds University




Professor Guo Jin made a plenary lecture on the 2013 International Union of railway signal and communication conference in New Delhi, India.



In 2013 October, Professor Li Tianrui and Yang Yan visited Canada University of Waterloo, took a photo with the famous Kamel Mohamed professor of artificial intelligence.



Hou Jin attended the international academic conferences as the branch president in Cairo of 2011.



Bai Tanrui and Yu Xiuying from 24 university teachers went to Oklahoma State University to take part in the teachers training project "SWJTU Faculty Training Fall 2013 Schedule".



IEEE 125 years established celebration and Chengdu vehicle technology (IEEE VT)and information branches(IEEE IT) founding ceremony.



 The French delegation visited the Key Laboratory of Cloud Computing and Intelligent Technology.