School of Information Science & Technology (SIST) has a total of 2500 undergraduates and 1300 postgraduates, thus the student activities of the school are varied. Student activities are regularly held in SIST, such as the “Academic Salon for Doctoral Student”, “Chinese Tai Chi Martial Arts Contest for the Freshmen”, “Football Match and Basketball Match for the Freshmen”, “Hosting Contest for the Freshmen” and “Welcome Party for the Freshmen”. In order to cultivate students’ social responsibility, SIST has built a dozen of volunteer placements and launched a series of volunteering activities, for example, the volunteering service in the International Festival of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Chengdu, China. Students working in the School News Center initiated two magazines, including On the Road and Gallop, which has been released in the university.


SIST has set up the undergraduate leading group for science and technology innovation and “technology innovation bases for the Students Science Series (also called 3S)”. During the past five years, 89 students of SIST have reaped prizes at national-level and 295 students have won prizes at provincial and ministerial-level. And in 2010 alone, students have received nearly 38 prizes in various competitions at or above provincial and ministerial-level. Students at SIST have made a variety of signature achievements, including the grand prize in the Embedded System Design Invitational Contest of Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest in 2006, the first prize in the Cross-Strait Collegiate Rail Transit Technology Innovation Contest in 2009, the first prize in the National C Language Programming Contest and the National Multi-Core Programming Contest in 2010, and the 7th Chinese Youth Science and Technology Innovation Prize, which completely proved SIST’s ability of cultivating innovative talents.


SIST provides exclusive laboratories for students to carry out science and technology innovation activities, ranging from the innovation base for intelligent car, the innovation base for embedded system, the innovation base for electronic design to the innovation base for ACM. Each base has a group of faculty advisors who can undertake training courses and offer guidance for innovation activities.


SIST sticks to the principle of combining the innovation activities with students’ entire campus life and ensures that all students share the equal access to routine innovation activities. SIST often invites specialists and scholars from home and abroad to give academic and technical lectures to students and organizes students to visit science and technology exhibitions and enterprises for the purpose of creating a scientific and innovative atmosphere. Meanwhile, SIST has achieved its goal of building a multi-level scientific and technological activity system to meet the needs of all students based on academic competitions and scientific research. It has also made success in establishing the competition systems at national-level, provincial and ministerial-level and school-level focusing on intelligent car contest, embedded system contest, ACM contest and electronic design contest. Moreover, the school has successfully set up the student training system on the strength of the Student Research Training Program (SRTP), National Student Innovation Program, key laboratories program and personalized research program.


Undergraduates participated in the Freescale cup of national college students smart car race.



Undergraduates participated in the ACM program design contest.



The students of our school won the grand price of Embedded System Design Invitational Contest of Intel Cup Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest.



Yangchuan, whose major is computer science of grade 2007, won the 7th Chinese Youth Science and Technology Innovation Prize. He is the only undergraduate who was awarded this price in Sichuan province and also the only one who went to the Great Hall of the people in Beijing to accept the award that year.



Undergraduates participated in the social practice in Yanan.



Basketball match for freshmen



The students’ journal On the Way



The university song-singing contest of Southwest Jiaotong University