Ph.D. Dissertation Defense (Ph.D. student under the supervision of Prof. LI Tianrui and Prof. ZHENG Yu)

Source:SIST  Author:Yan Jiang  Date:2020-06-01  Click:101

Ph.D. student: JI Shenggong

Major: Computer Science and Technology

Title of Dissertation: Research on intelligent optimization method of urban resources


Supervisor: Prof. LI Tianrui and Prof. ZHENG Yu


Date: June 1, 2020, Monday

Time: 15:00pm

Location: Tencent Meeting


Dissertation Committee:

Chair: Prof. YANG Yan (Professor, Ph.D. supervisor, Southwest Jiaotong University)

Members: Prof. LIU Ying (Research Fellow, Ph.D. supervisor, Sichuan Computer Research Institute)

Prof. PENG Dezhong (Professor, Ph.D. supervisor, Sichuan University)

Prof. YE Mao (Professor, Ph.D. supervisor, University of Electronic Science & Technology of China)

Prof. QIN Xiaolin (Research Fellow, Ph.D. supervisor, Chengdu Institute of Computer Application, Chinese Academy of Sciences)


Dr. HU Jie (Associate Professor, Southwest Jiaotong University)