[in· Freshman Season]The Taste of Home——Gifts for Freshmen in the School of Information Science and Technology

Source:SIST  Author:Yang Liu  Date:2020-11-02  Click:21

In September 2020, 1171 students came to the School of Information Science and Technology of Southwest Jiaotong University. Gifts for freshmen from the School of Information Science and Technology:

School Emblem

The whole process of information collection, transmission, processing and control, which is composed of “Information, Communication, Computer, Control and Electronics”, with the symbolization to form a complete family of information discipline via fighting side by side, and supporting each other.

PCB Ruler of Faith

“Ruler” in your heart, measures other people and yourself, gaining and losing, modesty and pride, simplicity and luxury, success and failure, truth, goodness, beauty and sham, evil, ugliness. PCB Ruler of Faith, with multiple functions, would like to share four-year university time with you.

Striving "cup"

Keep our mission firmly in mind and serve the country through information. Colorful youth should be decorated by seven colors, among which six colors is granted by the School of Information Science and Technology. The last one is striving. We hope you will draw it in person, which is the brightest background color of your own youth.

Welcome Poster Online

You from all over the world gather in the School of Information Science and Technology, with your names solemnly spelled together. You are like a ball of fire if you united together, and you will be a starry sky if you separated with one another. Send you the sincerest wish: welcome you, class 2020 new Information People!

The process of freshmen enrollment is broadcast live by the School of Information Science and Technology, which makes the parents learn about the welcome situation in real time:

Due to the requirement of epidemic prevention and control, the parents of the freshmen are unable to enter the school, and the freshmen have to complete the registration process independently from the beginning of entering the school. This live broadcast allows parents who are unable to accompany their children to register, to watch the scene in real time.

As of 11:00 a.m. on the 11th, the number of viewers of the live welcome has exceeded 2000.