Key Lab of Cloud Computing and Intelligent Technology

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Key Lab of Cloud Computing and Intelligent Technology, Sichuan Province (Originated from Institute of Neural Networks and Information Technology) was founded in 1992. It relies on National Laboratory of Rail Transportation (Under Construction), National Key Disciplines--Traffic Information and Control Engineering, National Characteristic Specialty--Computer Science and Technology, Provincial Key Disciplines-- Computer Application Technology, Doctoral Level Disciplines--Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering and Transportation Engineering with doctorate, master's degree granting, and Postdoctoral Stations--Computer Science and Technology and Transportation Engineering.
Key Lab of Cloud Computing and Intelligent Technology, Sichuan Province has a research team with professors, associate professors, lectures and postdoctoral, doctoral, master students of more than 60 people, among them there are a winner of the national May 1 labor medal, a national expert with outstanding contribution and a national excellent teacher. The lab has undertaken more than 60 international cooperation projects, National Science and Technology program, 973 projects, 863 projects, National Natural Science Foundation and provincial projects, published more than 500 academic papers, which was cited by SCI/EI more than 200 papers, published 5 monographs, 12 international conference proceedings, 6 special issues of SCI journals, finished 5 high-tech products, received 6 patents. It has established an extensive cooperation with domestic and foreign universities as well as enterprises. Its main research fields include cloud computing, big data, computational intelligence, data mining, rough set and granular computing.

Key Lab of Cloud Computing and Intelligent Technology, Sichuan Province is to adapt to the information processing requirements of the information era and strive to build a democratic, open, loose cooperation academic and research environment, attract domestic and foreign outstanding  scholars, undertake international, national research tasks related to information processing, promote academic exchange and cooperation as well as interdisciplinary research, provide necessary support to the researchers for their creativity and innovation. Its goal is to reach a leading domestic level in cloud computing and intelligent technology as well as application domains, has important innovations in technology, accumulate knowledge, enhance innovative technology and train personnel for long-term development of the nation. The lab is aimed to be built as an important base for academic research, exchange and high-tech personnel training of cloud computing and intelligent technology and become a research and application center of cloud computing and intelligent technology with a certain international reputation.