Key Laboratory of Traffic Information Engineering and Control

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The Provincial Key Laboratory of Traffic Information Engineering and Control at Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU) was established in 2002 with the sanction of Sichuan Province. This lab is one of the supporting laboratories of the national key discipline – the Traffic Information Engineering and Control. It is also the important supporting laboratory of the master degree programs and doctoral programs at SWJTU.
The lab focuses on many researches areas including train control, urban rail transit signal control, road traffic control, safety engineering of rail transportation informationization, signal processing and information security of high-speed railway, safety and reliability of railway signal, comprehensive monitoring of rail communication and signal systems, computer based interlocking, inter-station blocking, centralized traffic control (CTC), etc. An outstanding research team has been brought together with Professor Jin GUO (an expert of railway signals) as its academic leader. The laboratory has undertaken more than 60 research projects, among which, more than 30 projects on national/provincial level such as National Military High-Tech Project of China (Military 863-Projects), National High-Tech Project of China (863-Projects), National Key Technology Support Program, projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), major projects of China Railway Corporation, major projects of Ministry of Railways, etc. The lab has conducted the researches or manufactures of a number of products which are widely used, such as the research on first generation centralized electrical monitoring and malfunction diagnosis system for railway stations, the opening of the computer based interlocking system which was the biggest in scale and the most comprehensive in function at that time, the research and manufacture on comprehensive railway dispatching command and monitoring/controlling system for factories and enterprises use, the engineering design and experimental verification platform for high-speed signal system, the Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) for urban rail transit, etc.
Meanwhile, more than 300 research papers are published in international and national academic periodicals; more than 20 inventions are patented; and more than 10 scientific rewards and verification tests for scientific and technical achievements are granted.
The laboratory also develops actively international and national academic communication and cooperation; receives regularly the visits of International Union of Railways, scientific and research organizations in rail transit, and domestic or foreign universities related to railway signals.