Liang Lei, Co-founder of PPS and Current CEO of PPS

Source:SIST  Author:Admin  Date:2014-04-23  Click:545

Liang Lei, received the Master degree in Automation in 2003. He is the co-founder of PPS, current CEO of PPS. When Liang Lei and his partners launch PPS in 2005, they happened to witness a series of live events, such as the World Cup, the launching of Shenzhou 6 spacecraft, Super Girl, and Chang’e moon exploration. These live events let PPS rapidly developed. Liang Lei, who insists “no one is more stupid than you”, always think for the future. He can go beyond the current success and flourishing and see the crises and challenges in the future. He says: “Today I am still running, have finished less than half of the journey.”