Expanding International Perspective and Promoting Teaching Skills----On the Internationalization Process of Young and Middle-aged Teachers in SIST

Source:SIST  Author:Liao Fan  Date:2017-04-18  Click:630

In order to facilitate the Internationalization process of SWJTU and build a team of faculty members with world-leading capabilities in teaching and doing academic research in the field of information science and technology, SIST has been carrying out a series of successful activities helping young and middle-aged teachers promote their teaching skills, which has gained significantly positive outcome.

On the one hand, those who are brave to take heavy responsibilities in terms of teaching, academic research or management will have a chance to participate in a variety of overseas training programs, including the studying abroad program for young and middle-aged key teachers, the Silicon Valley (USA) international training program, the continuous professional development (University of Leeds, UK), and various academic exchange programs. These programs greatly help young and middle-aged teachers with respect to their internationalization perspective, engineering practice, as well as academic research.

On the other hand, in order to ensure high-quality module delivery in English, SIST has held a series of activities, namely “Demonstration, Observation and Discussion of Teaching in English”. So far, the school has invited a number of overseas teachers/scholars to give a speech who are full of experience in teaching and doing academic research, including Prof. David Garlan (ACM/IEEE Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University), Prof. Shihong Huang (Florida Atlantic University) and Dr Guili Liu (University of Regina).

In addition, SIST has also drafted a training plan, namely, the “Plan of Enhancing Teaching Skills for Young Teachers”, helping young and early-stage teachers growing up quickly. In the plan, if it is less than 5 years that a teacher is with the school, he/she is regarded as a young teacher and has to attend all training activities and procedures designed, such as being a teaching assistant, submitting a proposal regarding teaching skills, being a supervisor of students participating in contests and competitions, etc.

In recent years, SIST is paying special attention to the internationalization strategy. Faculty members should not only possess international view but also qualify world-leading performance regarding research and teaching. Hence, they need to develop adequate capabilities in communication and teaching in English. To this end, visiting prestigious and renowned universities/enterprises provides an efficient way for them. In the future, the school will send more faculty members to leads and other world-leading universities/enterprises and organize similar training activities locally, promoting the school’s core competitive ability in terms of the internationalization.

Figure 1  Idea exchange with experts from industry/academia

Figure 2 Lab visits and discussions

Figure 3  Class observation

Figure 4 Teaching in English activity