Master Dissertation Defense (Supervisor: Prof. FAN Pingzhi)

Source:SIST  Author:Admin  Date:2014-03-25  Click:1020

Name: YANG Xuan

Student ID: 12041039

Major:Communications & Information System

Title: Research on Multiple services resource allocation algorithms in high-speed railway broadband communications


Name:ZHAO Lei

Student ID: 12041040

Major:Communications & Information System

Title:Research and Simulations of FTN high frequency-spectrum utility transmission technology


Name:LEI Yiqi

Student ID: 12041037

Major:Communications & Information System

Title:On the guidance frequency design, subcarrier mapping and data-link level simulation of LTE in high-mobility environment


Supervisor: Prof. FAN Pingzhi


Date: 4/2/2014

Time: 14:30pm – 16:00pm

Location: 01409#, Information Building, JIULI campus


Dissertation Committee consists of:

Chair: Prof. FAN Pingzhi

Member: Prof. HAO Li

Member: Dr LIU Heng