Research Team of Prof. Fang Xuming Facilitates WiFi Usage on Renaissance EMU and Publishes Key Academic Achievements on the Top International Publication

Source:SIST  Author:Hu Xiaoyang  Date:2017-07-04  Click:298

Prof. Fang Xuming’s mobile communication research team publishes two papers on the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (J-SAC). Cost-Reliability Tradeoff in Licensed and Unlicensed Spectra Interoperable Networks with Guaranteed User Data Rate Requirements is authored by Song Hao, and Beamspace SU-MIMO for Future Millimeter Wave Wireless Communications is authored by Xue Qing. Both authors are members of Prof. Fang’s team. The institution indicated by the main authors of the preceding papers is SWJTU and the corresponding author is Prof. Fang.

IEEE J-SAC is a top publication in computer networks and communications fields with an impact factor of 8.08. The publication is recognized by China Computer Federation (CCF) as one of the three A-level international publications of computer networks. Both papers discuss about key technical issues concerning the fifth generation (5G) cellular networks. The paper authored by Song Hao designs a framework for 5G licensed and unlicensed spectra interoperable networks and investigates network-level cost-reliability tradeoff. The other paper authored by Xue Qing proposes a single-user (SU) multi-beam concurrent transmission scheme for future mmWave networks with multiple reflected paths, which can be described as a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technique in beamspace, and investigates the challenges and potential solutions for implementing this scheme, including multi-beam selection, cooperative beam tracking, multi-beam power allocation, and synchronization. Both papers are of high academic value.