Representative Team of SWJTU Wins Grand Prize in the Huawei Cup China Graduate Electronics Design Contest

Source:SIST  Author:Hu Xiaoyang  Date:2017-08-27  Click:552

The 12th China Graduate Electronics Design Contest is held in the Exhibition Center of Huizhou from August 19th to August 22nd, 2017. The contest aims to promote reform and innovation of the graduate cultivation mode to foster talents with innovative and cooperative spirits. The numbers of schools and teams participating in the contest have hit all-time highs. After multiple rounds of competitions, 300 out of more than 2000 teams enter the final.

The representative team of SWJTU, consisting of Li Hongzhe, Guo Xin, Liu Tao, Zhang Xiaowei, and Zhang Jin and supervised by Prof. Yan Lianshan, earns its seat in the top 11, and wins the Grand Prize in the final. Prof. Yan Lianshan is also awarded the Excellent Instructor. This is the best performance of SWJTU in the contest ever, and a breakthrough made by the graduate research team of Information Photon and Communication Research Center after it won the first prize in 2015.