The Second Edition of Rough Set Summer School Held by SWJTU Makes It a Success

Source:SIST  Author:Hu Xiaoyang  Date:2017-09-11  Click:619

The Second Edition of Rough Set Decision Making, Data Mining, and Knowledge Representation Summer School makes it a success in Jiuli Campus of SWJTU. The summer school is sponsored by International Rough Set Society (IRSS) and Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI), and held by SWJTU, University of Milano-Bicocca, University of Leeds, and the Rough Set and Soft Computing Special Committee of CAAI.

On August 21st, Prof. Li Tianrui, IRSS Fellow, hosts the opening ceremony of the summer school and expresses his sincere welcome to experts and students from all over the world. Prof. Davide Ciucci, Vice President of IRSS and IRSS Fellow, delivers a welcome speech on the ceremony and hopes that all students shall acquire new knowledge at summer school.

Up to 12 experts and scholars in the rough set field are invited to give lectures at summer school from the perspectives of basic rough set theories, rough set and artificial intelligence, rough set and logic theory, and rough set and big data. A total of 70 students attend summer school. According to students, the summer school is well-planned not only for the reasonable course arrangement, but also the deep insight into the development of rough set.

Opening ceremony of the summer school hosted by Prof. Li Tianrui

Lectures gave by experts and scholars

Students of the summer school

Scholars and students visiting the Key Lab of Cloud Computing and Intelligent Technology

All students