Communications & Sensor Networks for Modern Transportation (CSNMT) International Cooperation Research Centre of China Held of the Second Academic Committee Meeting

Source:SIST  Author:Yanyun Chen   Date:2019-11-13  Click:134
      The second Academic Committee meeting of the CSNMT centre was held on 2 November, 2019 in 218 CSNMT, Xipu Campus of Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU). The meeting was hosted by Prof. Sherman Shen, the vice director of the Academic Committee, and the committee members Sherman Shen, Tor Helleseth, Yuguang Michael Fang, Ben Eggleton, Jianping Yao, Nei Kato, Shaoqian Li, Pingzhi Fan attended the meeting. Yongquan Deng, the vice dean of Scientific Research and Development Office of SWJTU, Li Hao, the dean of the School of Information Science and Technology, Zheng Ma, the executive director of the CSNMT centre, and Xuming Fang, Qi Dai, Xihua Zou, Xiaomin Wang and other CSNMT centre members also attended the meeting.
      First, Prof. Pingzhi Fan, the director of the CSNMT centre, gave a report on the progress of development and construction of the CSNMT centre from the six aspects: the overview of the CSNMT centre, background and significance, research directions and focuses, existing international cooperation research, progress made in 2019, future goals and research plans.
      After that, the Academic Committee members and the CSNMT centre members had an in-depth discussion. The attendees provided many good suggestions on the research directions and the development plan, international cooperation, funding supports, and so on. They suggested that the CSNMT centre should further focus on the international research frontiers and carry out research and construction focusing on the major national needs. They provided good suggestions on gaining funding supports from various funding sources, especially from central government, for future development.
After a thorough discussion, the Academic Committee members and other attendees all agreed that, the CSNMT centre has taken the advantages of the high-profile team in the Communications & Sensor Networks related areas after its foundation, and it has been playing a crucial role on the development of modern transportation in the information era. The CSNMT centre is well structured and the well-established international cooperation foundation. Therefore, the CSNMT centre will surely have more fruitful outcomes in the coming year.
      The meeting was completed with a great success.