Major Projects

National 973 Key Project
  • Fundamentals of broadband wireless communication networks under high mobility scenarios
National 973 Project
  • Research on Nonlinear link broadband microwave photonics signal-tunable transmission
National Military 863 Key Project
  • "*****"
Major Project, Ministry of Education
  • Research on new multiple access technology in next generation broadband wireless communications systems
  • Research on the key technologies of intelligent railway traffic safety and engineering structure health monitoring
Major/Key Project, Ministry of Railways
  • Research on the key technologies of information security in railway signaling system
  • Research on the key technologies of in railway signaling security
  • Research on railway signaling equipment security authentication technologies
Major Research Project, China Railway Corporation
  • Research on Maintenance technologies for signal detection—Study of communications monitoring and maintenance technologies
  • Research on Maintenance technologies for signal detection—Study of signaling monitoring and maintenance technologies
  • Key technology study of distributed intelligent control system for railway shunting yard
  • Test technology study for railway signaling safety-critical software
  • Applications of microwave technology in railway operation, maintenance and monitoring
NSFC key project
  • Key problems on broadband wireless communication on the ground with ultrahigh mobility
  • Research on a new multidimensional optical information transmission technology
NSFC major project
  • Research of tunable antenna and RF device model based on artificial electromagnetic medium
MOST major project (participated)
  • Research on general technologies of broadband wireless network and standard
  • The key technology and application verification of TD-LTE based high speed railway broadband communication
  • Research and development on IMT-Advanced multiple address technology
key project, Priority areas of doctor station foundation
  • Research on the generation and harmonizes of multi-system broadband microwave signal with large instantaneous bandwidth oriented
  • Research on the sequence odd periodic correlation properties and non periodic correlation properties and its application
key project, Sichuan province
  • The wind power system and key part sensing technology research
NSFC Distinguished Young Scholars Fund
  • Photonic information and communication
  • Distributed storage and regeneratable code