TAO Hongcai
Course Teaching:

Database Principles

Principles and Design of Database

Advanced Technologies of Database Design

Communication Technologies of Computer Network

Research Direction:

Database Technology & Data Mining

Internetwork & Network Technology

Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Information System

TAO Hongcai, Ph.D, Professor. Dr TAO has received his PhD degree in traffic information engineering & control from Southwest Jiaotong University. Prof. TAO has taken charge of or researched as a main member 25 research projects. He has authored and co-authored 8 books and published over 100 papers in journals and international conference proceedings, in which "Principles and Design of Database, 3rd Edition" was selected as "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" National level official textbook and "12th Five-Year Plan" official textbook of Sichuan province. He has been a reviewer for several academic journals, and an expert for several research projects of different level organizations.