Chen Hongmei
Course Teaching:

Computer Architecture

Experiment of Computer Organization

Representation and Discovery of Knowledge

Research Direction:

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Granular Computing and Rough Sets

Parallel computing

Big Data

Chen Hongmei, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Master Supervisor. Chen Hongmei has received her PhD degree in computer application technology in 2013 from Southwest Jiaotong University. She acts as the leader for one NSFC project, acts as principle investigator for four NSFC projects, acts as principle investigator for one The National Key Technology R&D Program. She has published over 30 research papers (e.g., IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Knowledge-Based Systems) and she has co-edited 1 special issues of international journals. She has been member of computer society, and committee member of Rough Set and Soft Computation Society, Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence. She has been a reviewer for international journals Knowledge-Based Systems and Information Sciences, and core periodical "computer application". She has served as JRS2012 organize chair, and registration and finance chairs for ISBAST2013.