Feng Quanyuan
Course Teaching:

Digit electron technology

Analog electron technology

Microelectronic New Advance

Modern Communication and Information Theory

RFand Microwave Integrated Circuit Design

Modern Antenna Theory and Technology

Research Direction:

RF and microwave devices

Integrated circuits design

RFID technology

Embedded system

Wireless communications, antennas and propagation

Microwave & millimeter wave technology

Smart informationprocessing

Electromagnetic compatibility and environmental electromagnetics

Feng Quanyuan :male, PhD, professor, advisor of PhDcandidate,IEEESeniormember. The head of institute of microelectronics of southwest Jiaotong university,China. He has been honored as “the excellent expert” and “the leader of science and technology” ofSichuanprovince because of his outstanding contribution. In recent 5 years, Prof. Feng has presided more than ten important and common projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and some of Sichuan Province’s important projects, and awarded by “the first class awardof scientific and technologic progress of Sichuan Province”, “the third class award of scientific and technologic progress of Electronic Industry Ministry”, “National Mao Yisheng scientific and technologic award of Chinese Scientific and Technologic development foundation” and so on. At present, he has been presiding two National Natural Science Foundation of China project, one project of 863 ofChinaproject. More than 320 papers have been published on “IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Technology”, “IEEE Transactions on Magnetics”, “IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation”,“IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters”,“IEEE Communications Letters”,“IEEE Transactions on PowerElectronics”, “IEEE Transactions on Communication”,“Progress in Electromagnetics Research”,“Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications”,“Acta Physica Sinica” , “Chinese Journal of Semiconductors”, “Journal of Electronics & Information Technology” and “Research & Progress of Solid State Electronics” etc, among which more than 240 were registered by SCI and EI. Prof. Feng now has been appointed as reviewer of more twenty journals such as “IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology”, “IEEE Transactions on Magnetics”,“IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters”,“IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters”,“IEEE Communications Letters”, “IEEE Magnetic letter”,“Materials Science and Engineering B”,“Chinese physics”, “Acta Physica Sinica” ,“Chinese Journal of Semiconductors”,“Journal of Electronics & Information Technology” and “Journal of Circuits and Systems” etc. His research interests include RF and microwave devices, integrated circuits design, RFID technology, embedded system,wireless communications, antennas and propagation,microwave & millimeter wave technology, smart informationprocessing, electromagnetic compatibility and environmental electromagnetics etc.

Correspondence author:
Fax: 0086-028-87600743
Mailing address: The Institute of microelectronics of Southwest Jiaotong University (130 mail box),Chengdu, Sichuan 610031, P. R. China