The school of Information Science & Technology (SIST) at Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU) has a history that was originated in 1960s, with the aim of meeting the trend of the times and the strategic demand of our country. At that time, SWJTU established three disciplines, i.e. computing technology, automation, and radio technology, becoming one of the earliest institutions in China which had electronics and information disciplines. In 1981, the discipline Computer and Its Applications was authorized as one of the first disciplines in China being able to award master degree, when there was only two in Sichuan Province. The department Computer Science and Engineering was founded in 1981, which was followed by the establishment of the School of Computer and Communications Engineering (SCCE) in 1993 (the predecessor of SIST). In 2005, the school was renamed SIST. With the solid construction and rapid development over 50 years, SIST has built a balanced and well developed disciplinary system, covering the whole area of Electronics and Information. With primary disciplines including Computer, Communications, Control and Electronics, SIST has become a base for producing IT talents and carrying out outstanding scientific research.


SIST currently consists of six departments, including Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Communications Engineering, Automation, Electronics and Information Engineering, as well as the Computer Fundamental Education Center. Besides, there are 10 undergraduate majors and directions, where Communications Engineering and Computer Science and Technology belong to the National Characteristic Specialties while Software Engineering and Automation are included in the National Outstanding Engineers Education and Training Program. In the meantime, with the purpose of elite education, the school delivers information-related courses for MAO YISHENG School and ZHAN TIANYOU School, respectively.


Figure 1  Discipline Construction


There are 10 teaching-oriented labs, 12 research-oriented labs, 10 cooperation labs, one computer training base and one national experimental demonstration center in our school. In addition, we have built the Modern Communications Networks and Information Security Experimental Platform, which is the only platform integrating communications networks and information security system in China. In the school, a matured and domestically top-ranking teaching environment has been provided. Besides, 12 intern and practice bases have been established while customized training courses are offered to many IT companies and Chengdu Metro. Moreover, students are encouraged to join in labs, innovation centers and research institutes to improve their abilities for practice and innovation.


Figure 2  Labs Construction


In SIST, the academic education system covers multiple levels, including doctor degree, master degree, undergraduate degree, and international programs (doctor level, master level, and undergraduate level). SIST has 5 first-level doctoral disciplines, 9 second-level doctoral disciplines, one first-level master discipline (i.e. Electronics Science and Technology), 13 second-level master disciplines, 6 engineering master disciplines and a number of normal master disciplines. Besides, the school has 3 post-doc mobile research stations.


Figure 3  Discipline Construction


As the discipline construction is of vital importance, SIST has spent a great amount of efforts on it. As a result, SIST owns 1 national key discipline, 3 first level discipline provincial key disciplines, 1 second level discipline provincial/ministerial key discipline, and 1 national Cheung Kong Scholars Program Special Professorship discipline.


There are 180 faculty members in SIST, including 33 professors, 49 associate professors, 37 Ph.D. supervisors, and 38 international/national guest professors, where most of the members have Ph.D. degree. SIST has built up a highly qualified teaching and research team which is led by a group of disciplinary leaders with global competitive strength.


Figure 4  Faculty Construction


Currently, there are 4000 students enrolled in SIST, including more than 200 doctoral candidates and around 1000 master students. Our students have gained a number of significant achievements when participating in various international/national innovation contests and competitions, including the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, the International Mathematical Contest in Modeling, and the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, etc.


The academic research in SIST is developing rapidly and going smoothly. Hundreds of research projects have been granted, including the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, Nature Science Foundation of China, the National 973 Projects, National Science and Technology Major Projects, 111-program Projects, National 211-project Construction Fund, National Superior Disciplinary Innovation Platform (i.e. 985 Feature Project), Funds granted by Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, Sichuan Province and Railways System, as well as various funds from industries and companies. In the meanwhile, the research outcome is of great significance, with tens of national, provincial and ministerial level awards. In addition, plenty of high-quality academic papers have been published at international/national top journals/conferences while many academic books/teaching contexts with global impact have been published.


With the international vision, more than half of the faculty members in SIST are with overseas education/visiting experience, including IET fellow, IEEE distinguished lecturer, and editors for a number of high-quality publications. Moreover, SIST has a positive role in cultivating international students. There are around 400 students enrolled in the school, coming from more than 10 countries such as France, Pakistan, and Vietnam.


The rapid development of the high-tech in our country brings amazing prospects and opportunities to Information disciplines. By taking advantage of the above background, SIST has cultivated a significant number of talents in information science and technology. Graduates and alumni are all over the world. Among them, many have become international/national experts, scholars, and industrial leaders. With the SWJTU spirit ‘Cultivating talents for the rejuvenation of Chinese nation’, the faculties, staffs and students of SIST are being well prepared for fulfilling the great goal in the construction of high-quality research-oriented school.