‘Optical Communications & Sensing Applications Talents Introducing Center’ Granted for Construction

Source:SIST  Author:Hu Xiaoyang  Date:2018-02-04  Click:995
           The review of the “2018 Programme of Introducing Talents of Discipline to Universities” (i.e., “111 Project”) jointly held by the Ministry of Education and State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs has finished recently. With the great support from the University and related departments, the “Optical Communications & Sensing Applications Innovation and Talents Introducing Center” proposed by SWJTU has been granted for construction, which is a new leading national international cooperation center.

The center is led by Prof. Yan Lianshan from the School of Information Science and Technology, and the key members include such as Prof. Pan Wei, Prof. Zhu Qing and Prof. Guo Jin. The center will develop close international cooperative research in the frontier research topics in the fields o information photonics and communications and rail transit application. including optical fiber communication, optical fiber sensing and network, rail transit information transmission and sensing monitoring etc. This international collaboration is to promote the innovation of rail transit application through the cutting-edge research on the new concepts, new theories, new technologies and new methods.

The oversea committee team of this center is leaded by Professor Ben Eggleton, a Fellow of Australian Academy of Sciences, from University of Sydney, Australia. Other  12 international committee members are from the United States, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Canada, UK, South Korea and other countries, including four Fellows from different countries (such as the Fellow of the American Academy of Engineering, Professor Alan Willner and Dr. Peter Winzer), eight Fellows of some international societies (IEEE/OSA), four editor-in-chief of high-impact international SCI journals. The oversea academic team and the Center of Information Photonics and Communications  (SWJTU) have established deep cooperations(e.g., several national international cooperation projects), and have co-authored more than 30 high-level papers, and have jointly trained more than 10 doctoral students including a number of outstanding young talents such as Dr. Zou Xihua (Humboldt Research Fellow, the New-Century Talent of Ministry of Education), Dr. Ye Jia (Eyas Scholars of SWJTU), and Dr. Jiang Hengyun (winner of IEEE Photonics Society Graduate Fellowship).

In recent years, internationalization has been listed as an important component of the connotation of education development, and has become the crucial support of the “double first-class” construction. The development of the “Optical Communications & Sensing Applications Innovation and Talents Introducing Center” marks the new progress of international technology cooperation base construction of SWJTU. It will further enhance the international academic exchange and the academic impact of SWJTU. It also provides strong supports to the first-class discipline construction, such as “traffic transportation engineering” and “information and communication engineering”, of our university.