The degree authorization accreditation expert review of Information and Communication Engineering and Electronic and Communication Engineering held smoothly

Source:SIST  Author:Yan Jiang  Date:2018-06-11  Click:751

The degree authorization point accreditation expert review were held at X9322 Xipu campus of Southwest Jiaotong University in the afternoon of May 31 on Information and Communication Engineering, Electronic and Communication Engineering of School of Information Science and Technology.

The team of the subject review group of the evaluation experts is chaired by Professor Li Jiandong, vice president of the Xidian University, a member of the Disciplinary Board of the State Council. The associate chair is Professor Wang Wenbo, vice president of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, a member of the Disciplinary Board of the State Council. The team members include Professor Li Shaoxian from University of Electronic Science and Technology, Professor Huang Kama from Sichuan University, Research Professor Chen Ying from the Tenth Institute of China Electronic Science and Engineering Group. Zhou Zhongrong, vice president of Southwest Jiaotong University, Zhou Xianli, vice president of Graduate School, and Pang Liexin, deputy director of Strategic and Disciplinary Office, attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Dean Pan Wei of the Institute of Information Science and technology.

Zhou Zhongrong, vice president of Southwest Jiaotong University, first expressed warm welcome to the arrival of experts on behalf of the University. He then gave a brief introduction of on the development of University history, talent training, campus profile, discipline characteristics and so on. Subsequently, Ma Zheng, vice dean of School of Information Science and Technology, laid the self-assessment report on Information and Communication Engineering (Ph. D.), Electronic and Communication Engineering (professional degree point) degree authorization points, focusing on the basic situation of degree points, training objectives and standards, teaching staff and discipline level, research platform construction, the personnel training situation as well as the sustainable development plan and other aspects. On the basis of listening to the report carefully, the experts reviewed the relevant evaluation materials, and questioned on the specialty construction, the structure of the teaching staff, the training system of postgraduate students and the cultivation of practical ability, especially gave some constructive suggestions regarding material writing about characteristics highlight, quantization of index system, and so on. The Group agreed that the training objectives of the two degree points of Information and Communication Engineering, Electronic and Communications Engineering are clear positioned and with distinctive features, reasonable training program, perfect mechanism, high academic level of teaching staff, outstanding scientific research, good development momentum. The Expert Group recommends that the school should continue to invest more in the subsequent construction of these two degree authorization points, expand the scale of degree points moderately and further highlight the traffic characteristics. After consideration by the Group of Experts, it was agreed that two degree authorization points would pass the eligibility assessment.

Pan Wei, dean of the School of Information Science and Technology, on behalf of the college, delivered the speech. He once again sincerely thank all the experts in their busy schedule to visit our hospital to do the assessment and the guidance of the construction of the degree authorization points. He said that the School will seriously take the comments and suggestions of the experts into consideration, make a well material modification, improve the work and the follow-up construction of the degree point. Zhou Xianli, executive vice president of the Graduate school, said that the University will be take the experts’ advices to the future subject construction work to promote the "double-class" discipline construction work of the University.

Feng Junhuan, the secretary of the party committee, Daiqi, deputy secretary, Ma Zheng, vice dean, Zou Xihua, vice dean, Professor Fan Pingzhi, Professor Yan lianhan, Professor Zhang Jiashu, Professor He Hongjie, Professor Deng Ping, Liu Lin, director of the Department of Communication Engineering, and other teachers from School of Information Science attended the meeting