Academic Report of IEEE Fellow UCLA Professor Zhensheng Zhang

Source:SIST  Author:Yan Jiang  Date:2019-06-05  Click:478

Innovative Source Lecture Hall, Southwest Jiaotong University

Lecture Series: Frontiers in Wireless Communications & Information Coding

(Title): Cloud and Fog Computing, an Overview

 (Speaker): Zhensheng Zhang, Professor, UCLA, USA

 (Time)June 5, 2019, 2:30-4:00pm (Wednesday)

 (Venue)Meeting Room, 2nd Floor, Int. Coop. Center, Xipu Campus, SWJTU

 (Chair): Zheng Ma

(Short Biography of the Speaker):

Dr. Zhensheng Zhang, an IEEE Fellow, received his Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering from UCLA. He has over twenty five years’ experience in design and analysis of network architecture, protocols and control algorithms, of the communication networks. He has worked at Cubic Corporation, Boeing, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, and Columbia University, respectively, focusing on research and development in wireless networks. He has published over 110 technical papers in IEEE Journals and key IEEE conferences (one paper was listed as the top 10 most reading articles from IEEE Communications Society website in 2007).  He was IEEE Comsoc distinguished lecturer (2010-2013), the IEEE LATINCOM Keynote Speaker (2013); received the IEEE Regional/Area Outstanding Engineer award in 2011.

He has been very active in IEEE Comsoc in the past two decades, some of his roles include Director, Membership Service 2016-2017, IEEE 5G Summit (San Diego) 2019, General Co-Chair,  Globecom 2012 TPC Chair;   Globecom 2015 Executive vice Chair; Board Member, North America Region (NAR), 2008-2015; 2018-2019;   ICC 2015 TPC vice Chair;   Editor, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications (2000-2004).